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Music Chitchat - Heavy
So popular it's earned it's own section. Discuss Punk, Metal, Noise, Hardcore etc.
Mon, 15 Jan 10:34pm
by dellsupport
Music Chitchat - General ( Indie, Jazz, World, Electronic etc.)
Discuss Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Bluegrass, Indie Rock, Electronic, Classic Rock and anything else.
Wed, 14 Feb 6:30am
by Vivek Sharma
Gear Buy & Sell
May post pictures & may post re your stolen gear too. Pls specify location. -- ** Shared between, and The Royal City Music Project
Fri, 9 Feb 9:21am
by Adam Blainey
Up n' Coming! (aka Shameless Promotion)
Give us the heads up on a show, band, release, 'zine, studio, etc. Threads that become reviews will be moved to the Reviews section. Note that our "Show Listings" (top left in menu bar) get many times more traffic than this message board ever has. -- *Shared Between Vic and Van sites*
Sat, 27 Jan 3:18am
by Madison French
Show Reviews
All the dirty details, right here. -- *Shared btwn Vic & Van sites*
Wed, 24 Jan 2:41am
by Kamal Benson
Album Reviews
Heard a CD & have something to say about it? -- *Shared btwn Vic & Van sites*
Mon, 10 Dec 2012 8:32am
by clurrepPsycle
Seeking Musicians
Find people to jam with or serious projects (may specify "no reply"). Tip: check our Musician's Directory. Now combined with Seeking Shows: Looking to play a show? Need another band for a show? Connect with other bands & promoters here. - Vancouver/Lower Mainland only
Mon, 12 Feb 9:25pm
by Edward Arundale
Controversy and Quarantine
The place for heated debates and anything that was too distasteful for the other sections but too funny to delete. You've been warned! -- *Shared btwn Vic & Van sites*
Mon, 26 Dec 2016 9:27pm
by Braswell475
Found on the web
Found something good/bad/ugly/INTERESTING on the net? Post it here. -- *Shared btwn Vic & Van sites*
Wed, 26 Apr 2017 10:01pm
by evermenad
Site / Board Related
For discussion on features/issues to do with the site and the forum. If you are having trouble with something, or want to suggest a feature or improvement do it here.
Thu, 26 Feb 2015 8:41am
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