The Sojourners; Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders and Khari McClelland are a rock solid trio and proof positive that faith can move mountains. But, don't let that scare you away.
This is not music that strives to be polite. In The Sojourners' universe, echoes of doo wop, R&B, country and blues weave together to create a unique sound that has all but vanished from today's world. Singing praise music with their own special 'stank', the Vancouver based Sojourners sound just as at home in a road house bar as they do in a revival tent. Their long awaited new CD is called 'Freedom Never Dies'.
Tonye Aganaba is a dynamic and sultry singer-songwriter born in the United Kingdom, and raised in Canada. Now based in beautiful Vancouver B.C, she has lent her voice to an ever increasing collection of music spanning all genres.

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