Stephen was born in Vancouver, but grew up in Dublin, Ireland where his schoolmates included future members of U2. In 1981, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and immersed himself in the music scene, learning the fundamentals of songwriting and performing.
By 1984 he was back in Vancouver, determined to become a professional musician. He's been named as one of the finest songwriters in Canada following a life of many relocations and countless months on the road performing at intimate venues and on the concert stages of festivals and theatres across Canada, the US, and the UK. Fearing is a gifted storyteller and true musical nomad with the ability to captivate audiences of all sizes.
Opening act Matt Patershuk has been writing and performing some of the most beautiful, endearing and true music ever created in this country. As someone who believes that less is often best, Matt communicates a lot more soul and range of emotions in a single verse than other artists can in a whole song.

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