Don’t miss the iconic British lutenist Nigel North as he joins Canada’s renowned viol consort, Les Voix Humaines, for a performance of John Dowland’s 1604 Lachrimae. An essential piece for early music lovers around the world, Dowland’s Lachrimae “Seaven Teares” paints a stunning, mournful picture that has fascinated audiences for centuries.

Nigel North, an accompanist, soloist, director, and writer, has shared his music with audiences around the globe for nearly 30 years, while Les Voix Humaines brings decades of experimentation and incredible consort music to the performance. Never afraid to veer off the written page, together they add layers of modern sensibilities and expressive elegance to Dowland’s historically untouchable Lachrimae.

This performance will also include the premiere of a new work by BC-born, Montreal-based composer Stacey Brown commissioned for Les Voix Humaines by Early Music Vancouver.

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