. Saturday, November 16th IMU presents JAPANESE COWBOY Ween Tribute, BIG BROWN BEAVER Primus Tribute w/ OPHELIA FALLING + CASS KING & THE CASSETTES @ Pub 340, 340 Cambie Street. Doors 8pm / Show 9:30pm / $10 cover

JAPANESE COWBOY - Renowned for spawning ingenious creations of bad taste and dizzying chaos, Japanese Cowboy definitively delivers the innovative meta-rock stylings of WEEN. Ween's incredible musical diversity, reckless experimentation and cheeky humour has traversed almost every genre in existence, brilliantly blended with genuine rock'n'roll excitement! http://www.facebook.com/japanesecowboyband

BIG BROWN BEAVER Primus Tribute - Sail the seas of cheese with Big Brown Beaver's tribute to the oddball alchemy of Les Claypool's uniquely bass-driven, groove-laced psychedelia. http://www.facebook.com/Big-Brown-Beaver-Primus-Tribute-Band-504407600091575

OPHELIA FALLING - Emerging from the rain soaked streets of Vancouver, Ophelia Falling is symphonic metal at its finest. With powerful vocals over a dense arrangement of guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards accompanied by orchestra and choir, Ophelia Falling is the next chapter in Canadian metal. http://www.facebook.com/opheliafalling

CASS KING & THE CASSETTES combine classic '60s R&B swing with scrappy garage punk energy. Singer Cass King, guitarist John Woods and drummer Adrian Buckley have played together for years in such bands as The Wet Spots and The Orchid Highway. http://www.facebook.com/CassKingandtheCassettes

Join the Facebook event! http://www.facebook.com/events/2231883233502034

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