Rocket From Russia presents:

Christmas RAGER featuring The Greatest Sons and some other bands...

Hello Hello Hello!

I think that 2016 was a great year for our local punk rock scene. We had quite a few great shows which were very well attended, The Greatest Sons released their 7'' and toured, The Corps and Aanthems released new EPs, You Big Idiot are recording new album "Mega Donair", Contra Code opened for Belvedere and their album "Wasted Already" was re-released by Bird Attack Records and the boys from Resolve Records started their business operations! And overall, I feel like we created our own little scene. There are way more familiar faces at the shows, people get excited about local punk music and support local punk bands. Personally I'm very excited and proud of this. You should be as well.

I decided to celebrate this great year with one last great rager in 2016. I asked the bands to play their "Greatest Hits" sets - no new songs, no bullshit, HITS ONLY. The idea is that somebody who really digs local punk rock music would come out to this show and would know and sing along to most of songs. This is gonna be a great success of course!

- Russian Tim

The Greatest Sons (
Contra Code (
You Big Idiot (
The Corps (
Aanthems (
Resolve Records (

December 10th, Saturday
Doors 8pm
$10 to get in
Afterparty at Hyde Restaurant

Sponsored by Intergalactic Interviews and CiTR Radio 101.9FM

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