Possibly the most exciting and realistic Rod Stewart show next to seeing Rod himself. Brent Stewart offers one of the most authentic Rod Stewart tributes you will ever see. From the stylish suits and all the signature stage moves and a voice that's so close you'll swear it's Rod, Brent Stewart sets a new high standard for Rod Stewart tributes.

Brent's voice is so amazingly similar to Rod's that he has actually been hired on occasion to sing on recording sessions for songwriters that have been attempting to get songs placed with Rod. No one other than Rod sounds this close.

"I've never heard anyone sound that close to Rod Stewart, the crowd loved his show." Mike Reno - Lead singer of Loverboy

"Owning a British Bar for over 12 years my clientele know what Rod sounds like. Brent is Rod Stewart. Rod should sound as good at his live shows.” Chris Bradley - Promoter and ex-pat Brit

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