Guitarist Bill Coon combines the brilliance of a string quartet with the rhythmic drive of a jazz quartet with his album, Departure. The BC Double Quartet really is a departure for Coon as the music on this recording marries his love of jazz improvising with his passion for arranging and composition.

Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery have influenced Coon’s guitar style, while his writing owes much to Bill Evans, Kenny Wheeler and Maurice Ravel. Coon’s use of space, smart note choices and harmonic savvy provide the perfect counterpoint to trumpeter Brad Turner’s fiercely creative and melodic solos. Bassist Paul Rushka and drummer Bernie Arai create the heartbeat of the band and contribute superb solos.

As for the string quartet - Cam Wilson, Yule Yawney, Genevieve MacKay, and Finn Manniche play with a perfect combination of verve and precision and their magnificent contributions are integral to the success of the music. Violinist Wilson has a special role to play leading the strings he plays two wonderfully inspiring solos.
Whether it’s the rhythmic drive of Departure, the sophisticated folk feel of Sunday Morning, or the romantic Brazilian sensibility of Chorando Baixinho the marriage of classic string quartet and authentic jazz improvisation creates soul-stirring and memorable music.

Bill Coon guitarist/arranger/composer
Brad Turner trumpet and flugelhorn
Paul Rushka acoustic bass
Bernie Arai drums
Cameron Wilson violin
Yuel Yawney violin
Genevieve MacKay viola
Finn Manniche cello

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