. Friday, February 28th IMU presents EVERYTHING'S RUINED Faith No More Tribute & FEEL GOOD HITS Queens Of The Stone Age Tribute @ The Fairview, 898 West Broadway . Show 9:30pm / $10 cover

EVERYTHING'S RUINED - Embracing abrasive technicolour visionaries FAITH NO MORE's inventive, defiant, anti-commercial fusion, Everything's Ruined delivers an intense and blistering homage to their thundering, monolithic rock, rap & riffs vision. Featuring a who's who of the local music scene, you'll find members of all your local favourites onstage with alumni from Gross Misconduct, Ham Wailin, Sack Blabbath, Powerclown, Trophy Wife, The Joint Chiefs, Sinned, Revenger & more! http://www.facebook.com/EverythingsRuined

FEEL GOOD HITS pay homage to Queens Of The Stone Age, playing blistering tunes that explode like depth charges in the night. QOTSA's visceral, fist-pumping sludge rock is a powerful combination of bullseye downstrokes and drumbeats backing gasoline-drenched jams culminating in grandiose, unbelievably catchy songs. http://www.facebook.com/feelgoodhits

Join the Facebook event! http://www.facebook.com/events/796903570756829/

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