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Plutonian Nights

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Plutonian Nights - Saturday nights 11pm-1am CITR 101.9 FM

Plutonian Nights plays and creates music. all kinds of music. and then sometimes it doesnt. it is an almost completely improvised radio show that happens every saturday night in vancouver. musical content is predominantly electronic based, but not always. we try to keep things at least a little bit "experimental" if thats a valid word, but sometimes the show is very simple, straightforward and not very "experimental" at all. it totally depends on the people involved, at that moment, on that particular show, in whichever whatever mood, whatever the planets are doing e..t..c. it is sometimes coherant, soothing, peaceful and sometimes messy and abrasive. you may find it very good or very bad, and so may we. overall it is a sum of all the ideas, hopes and dreams of the people involved, including those who listen.

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Listing last confirmed: Oct. 14, 2003

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